Bone Grafting for Michigan Dental Implant Patients

There are many situations where people have been told that they may not be a candidate for dental implants because they do not have enough bone to support an implant. In cases like this, it may be possible for the bone to be built up by the dental implant specialist using bone grafts.

For patients who need additional bone to support their natural teeth or dental implants, the periodontal specialists at Joseph R. Nemeth DDS & Associates offer Infuse Bone Grafts. Bone grafts are typically required when there is insufficient bone in an area of bone called the alveolar ridge. The major advantage of this new product is that it eliminated the need for a second surgical site.

Infuse Bone Graft attracts the body’s own bone-building cells to the site where new bone growth is needed and over time, new bone is formed.

Previously, surgeons relied on autogenous (from the patient) bone harvested from the patient’s own body (at a second surgical site) for reliable and safe bone augmentation procedures.

You may want to discuss with your periodontist if bone grafting is part of your treatment. If so, Infuse Bone Graft may be a great option for you.